Mikkel Weiss

June 01, 2014


Hey guys!

It is time for my May favourites :)

The weather has been amazing this month here in Denmark. The sun has been shining and the
 wind hasn’t been too cold. The first item is pretty obvious because it is sunglasses. I am kind
 of mainstream when it comes to sunglasses I own four kind of different black Rayban and they
 are the only ones I am using.  So my summer goal is to be more experimental when it comes to sunglasses.

My next obsession this month has been the TV-series called “The 100”. It is soooooo-freaking
 good! I am literally obsessed. “The 100” is an American post-apocalyptic drama series. The
 main cast includes actors as Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsey Morgan and Bobby Morley.

My last overused item in May has been this fragrance from Original Penguin.  It smells fresh in
 a kind of spicy way with tones of sweet vanilla and wood. Unfortunately Original Penguins
 fragrances are unavailable in Denmark, which really frustrates me. 

I hope you enjoyed my May favourites! :)
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Have a great day! 

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