Mikkel Weiss

April 26, 2015


I just wanted to make a quick update before I went to bed. This week has been a little bit 
busy but all in all a great week. I have seen a lot of my friends; actually today is the only day 
where I am home and alone. I have been eating a lot of delicious food and in particular a lot 
of tasty brunch. I really love a good brunch it’s the best! The spring has officially arrived to 
Denmark! The weather is getting much better and the cherry trees are starting to bloom, 
which is one of my favorite things about spring.

April 21, 2015


This is just a kind of follow up from yesterday’s blog post. I just wanted to show you the 
delicious dessert we got the other day! I got a cheesecake with mascarpone, white and dark 
chocolate and some blackberry compote. It was so tasty and a very untraditional way to 
serve a cheesecake I think! It was served with your own choice of a cop of tea or coffee and 
everything was organic which I think is really amazing!


If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a picture of a very delicious pizza I 
posted last Wednesday.  The pizza was from an organic pizza restaurant located in inner 
Copenhagen. And it was honestly one of the best pizzas I have ever had! I chose the garlic 
shrimp pizza with a mix of roasted cabbage, red onions, a Danish cheese and some basil 
pesto. So yummy! I went with Melike one of my good friends who just got home from a 3-

April 17, 2015


This is official my first outfit of the day in Denmark. It really like creating outfit posts and I 
have missed a lot in Australian and New Zealand. I have ad an obsession with coats and 
layers lately and it have to be because I have only been wearing shorts and a t-shirt on my 
trip because of the temperature (not complaining at all). I was wearing this outfit today 
when I went to Copenhagen to do a little bit of shopping with one of my best friends. I 
bought a lot of cool stuff, which I will show you in another blog post soon.

April 14, 2015


I have always liked Versace a lot so I bought these two fragrances when I spent some time 
in Copenhagen the other day.  I am absolutely obsessed with both scents now. Versace Pour 
Homme is more of a daytime fragrance where I think Versace Eros is more wearable in the 
evening or if you are going out. I am not the biggest fan of these heavy smelling fragrances 
because they give a little bit of headache so both of Eros and Pour Homme are very fresh. I 
really like them both a lot. You should give them a try next you see them in a store!

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