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Mikkel Weiss

February 28, 2015


We did of course see the opera house back in Sydney which I kind of think is one of the 
biggest “must sees” in Australia. It was cool to see the building you have seen in the 
television and heard so much about. It was of course extremely touristy and there were 
people everywhere! I am glad we got to see it but Australia is sooooo much more than the 
opera house. And I already miss a lot of the people and pLaces we visited.



February 25, 2015


When we were in Sydney we visited the Sydney tower where there was this stunning view. I 
really like to visit viewing points like this where you can see the whole city. I found it 
interesting to see all the streets where you walk around every day from above. See how they 
connect and cross each other.

I am so tired right now… talk to you soon!


February 21, 2015


T-shirt – Topman
Hoodie – American Apparel
Shorts - ASOS
Hat – Original Chuck
Sneakers – Nike
Bracelets – River Island

As mentioned in my precious blog post the weather in Sydney was a bit more chilly 
compared to the Whitsunday islands. I remember it felt so weird to jump in a hoodie after a 
month heat wave. I really liked my stay in Sydney there is so much to explore and it was so cool 
to see all the monuments in real life.
By the way we have discovered sushi rolls here in Australia with is my new favourite thing! 
Why is this not a thing in Denmark yet?!

Here in New Zealand it is even colder than it was in Sydney so I kind of hate myself for 
complaining about the temperature back then…. And I really don’t have enough warm 
clothing with me. But New Zealand is really beautiful and has some spectacular nature so I 
enjoy every second of my trip around the two islands!

Have a great weekend!


February 18, 2015


After some days at the Whitsundays islands our travel continued to Sydney where we 
celebrated New Years Eve, which was amazing! The firework was mind blowing incredible! I 
didn’t take any pictures unfortunately because I didn’t really feel like taken my camera with 
me parting.

While staying in Sydney the weather was a bit grey and cold especially if you compare it to 
Whitsundays 35 degrees sunshine.
The pictures are a collection of random snaps from Hyde Park, Botanical garden and just the
 streets of the city.

Take care!


February 15, 2015


The WIFI in Australia and apparently also New Zealand sucks! It is so incredible slow you 
wont believe it! My 10 days in central Australia is finish and it was sooo cool really one of 
my favorite experiences so far! I can’t wait to tell you more and show you a lot of pictures!

Another of my favorite experience on my trip is definitely Whitehaven beach! 
It was insane! A 7km long beach with totally white sand that never gets hot because of the 
very light color! Whitehaven is really a must see!

                    Hope you all are having a great day!


Mikkel Weiss
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