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Mikkel Weiss

March 25, 2015


I am home and it feels so weird! I have been traveling for four and a half month with one of 
my best friends, where we sometimes slept in a new place every night and now I am just 
home. It is weird being alone you get use to have someone to talk to all the time very 
quickly, so I have been talking a lot with my self. But don’t get me wrong it is also great to 
be back home. Catching up with all my friends and have my whole family close again is 

March 19, 2015


I am in a hurry at the moment my flight is boarding right now. It is 11pm here in Singapore 
and I am on my second red bull. I am extremely tired and really hope I can sleep on the 14-
hour flight to Copenhagen. I can’t believe I am going home it is unreal! But I will catch up 
with you in another blog post.
The pictures are from our last days on Lombok, which was perfect! So relaxing! And look at 
that pool!

March 16, 2015


We arrived to the little paradise island called Lombok two days ago! Everything has been 
perfect so far, the food is good, the weather is great and the pool is amazing! I will show you
more pictures of the pool in my next blog post!
We are not doing so much interesting just trying to get some tan and relaxing a lot at the 
pool, which is very nice. I am so glad we decided to take a little vacation to Indonesia before 
going home. 

March 13, 2015


Most of these pictures are from my time in New Zealand and Australia’s outback, which was 
a fantastic time where I met a lot of great people from all over the world who I am going to 
miss a lot. The outback was amazing and was so much better than expected! We swam in so 
many incredible waterfalls and saw some stunning nature! Buuut there was also so many 
flies all over the place and the worst part was the fact that the flies went after our eyes and 
mouths trying to get water. Yes disgusting.

March 08, 2015


Hi guys sorry for the silence lately but I have been road tripping though New Zealand’s two
islands the past month. And it has been some incredible weeks with stunning nature and 
amazing weather. I have met some very nice people as well so everything has been great.
New Zealand has fantastic nature and the air is so fresh and clear. I have experienced so 
many crazy things like flying in a helicopter, being on a glacier and seeing caves with millions 
of glowworms.

Mikkel Weiss
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