Mikkel Weiss

August 26, 2015


I have honestly found my new favourite place to eat lunch. I went today with one of my 
best friends to a restaurant called Ravage located in central Copenhagen. The food was so 
delicious and prepared amazingly. The atmosphere in the restaurant was very cool and 
relaxed. The weather was good so when we finished our lunch we sat outside to drink the 
rest of our drinks. If you ever come to Copenhagen I really recommend you to stop by and 
try this place.

August 23, 2015


Hey friends! Feels like forever since last time I wrote to you in a blog post. But while we are 
at the topic I am kind of trying some new layout ideas. I really like my last Tumblr post 
where there are a lot of pictures on the main site of the blog and you don’t have to click on 
the “read more” button to see them all. I think I’m going to mix it a bit from now on. The 
old layout became a bit boring and too monotonous. So it will be a mix between clicking 
and scrolling. You will have to be more active and move a bit more around ;)

Mikkel Weiss
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