Mikkel Weiss

May 20, 2015


This is a collection of some of my latest looks on lookbook and here on the blog.  This is 
kind of my favorite season because you can wear layers and jeans but still have your jacket 
open or some days even leave home without a jacket and not freeze to death. But I am still 
excited for the summer and the warmer weather though.

May 16, 2015


Hey guys! I am a bit stressed these days I have a lot to think about and I am not always the 
best to just sit down and relax. So today I just stayed home and “turned my phone off” and 
began scrolling through Tumblr and watching a lot of Netflix. Then I got frustrated because 
I didn’t make a blog post which made me create this blog post. I was looking back on  
lots of old pictures and wanted to post some detail pics from some of my older and newer 

May 11, 2015


Sorry for not posting this blog post yesterday! Everything was a bit hectic yesterday with 
mother’s day and a little bit of a hangover. I think Mother’s day have been extremely 
promoted this year I don’t know about you guys but no matter what social media I went on 
there was either pictures of children writing long letters to their moms or moms who posted 
pictures of their mother’s day gifts. We don’t make a very big deal out of it in my family we 
just spend the day together and eat a delicious dinner or something. Anywaaaay….

May 09, 2015


Hey guys, I am so extremely tired right now it is half past 12 and I have to get up early 
tomorrow morning. My original plan was to post the full outfit now but I am too tired to 
edit the rest of the pictures and its getting late so this little sneak peak has to do it for today. 
And what an exited sneak peak this is haha. I actually really like the outfit a lot but I will 
talk more about that tomorrow or the day after. I will get some sleep now!

May 05, 2015


I was out eating brunch with one of my good friends today and it was honestly one of the 
best brunches I have had in a long time! Aaand I eat brunch pretty often so that’s a big deal 
coming from me! ;) The place where we ate is called Wulff & Konstali and is located a bit 
outside central Copenhagen. The restaurant was so cool decorated. There was such a cozy 
atmosphere in the room it was really all in all a good experience. Nothing better than a well 
decorated restaurant that servers amazing food.

Mikkel Weiss
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