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Mikkel Weiss

January 28, 2015


I am in Brisbane for the next two days before leaving for a 10 days trip to central
Australia, which I am very exited about. I can’t wait to see Australians outback and
especially Ayers rock!

The snaps aren’t really weekly snaps but more like monthly snaps from the different
locations I have visited so far.  There are pictures from Sydney, Melbourne, Great Barrier
Reef, Australia Open and Manly beach but I will make some blog posts about all the
places in the near future.

                      Take care!


January 26, 2015


God it has been a while since my last blog post! I know and I am sorry but I really wanted to create a 
new layout and it took way longer than it was supposed to and isn’t totally finished yet. The good news 
are that I have experienced a lot of Australia which means I have a lot of blog post ready for you guys.

I hope you like the new layout!


January 04, 2015


    Hi guys! I hope you all had an amazing and safe New Years Eve in some good company. 
     I spend my evening and night in Sydney, which was amazing! I have never celebrated
     New Years Eve in another country before, so I was super exited. The firework was

    Here are some snaps from one of our lazy days in Palm bay, where we didn’t do much
    beside reading, sleeping and a little bit of swimming :)

    Take care

December 30, 2014



Here are some pictures of the amazing beach we stayed at during our Long Island stay. 
     The water was amazing to cool down on the hot days. Here in Sydney it’s a bit more chili, 
     not cold at all, but you are not sweating all the time.

     Right now we are planning our New Years Eve, which I am extremely exited about! We are
     celebrating New Year here in Sydney and we are of course going to see all of the firework.
     It’s so crazy it the last day of 2014 tomorrow.

     If I don’t get to make a blog post tomorrow I really wish you all a happy new year! :)

December 28, 2014


    Yaaay I finally have WIFI again! I have left the amazing resort at long island some days 
     ago and have now arrived to Sydney! I will post a lot of pictures of my stay at the resort
     and from my trips to Great Barrier Reef and the amazing Whitehaven Beach.

     I will go to bed now, I have a lot of editing to do tomorrow and we are of course also 
     going to explore the city!

     By the way my hat is from Original Chuck and you can check them out HERE.

     Goodnight! :)


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