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July 01, 2015


The weather is finally starting to get better and it feels so nice! There is really nothing better 
than the Danish summer. Some of my friends just graduated from school so I have 
celebrated a lot with them. I just got a lot of cloth from Topman today, which is nice. I am 
always a bit nervous when I have to open a package that contains clothing because of the 
sizes but everything fits perfectly. I am still very obbessed with Tumblr so nothing new.

June 23, 2015


The Danish summer is so disappointing at the moment! It just keeps raining and raining I 
seriously think that we have had like 5 or 6 warm summer days so far. But all of this doesn’t 
matter because the plane tickets for this year summer vacation have been booked and I can't
wait to get down to the south of Spain and relax on the beach.
This made me realize that I need some new swim-shorts. I have just discovered Oiler and Boiler
which I am a bit obsessed with. I especially like the retro pair you can see in the 

June 20, 2015


I turned 20 yesterday, which I celebrated with a delicious brunch at my favorite brunch place with a 
good friend and then with family and friends later the same day.  I think 20 have been a scary age for 
quite some time now… I don’t know what it is it. I just think I am afraid of some of the decisions the 
follows being older. Anyways I hade a great day and I’m currently in a car on my way home to my 
best friend to celebrate one last time.

June 11, 2015


Hey guys! How are you? I hope you are fine! I just clicked these three items to my shopping 
bag and they are now on their way to my home. I have literally been obsessed with white 
sneakers and white air max in particular. But I to be honest I don’t know for how long they 
will stay white….
I really think this black hoodie from Topman looks so nice! I really hope the length is good 

June 05, 2015

N │ Y

Hey guys! I am so tired right now it has been a very long day! I am so sorry about the 
silence here on the blog it is really not that I don’t want to post but I don’t have that much 
time at the moment… blah blah blah I know! I hate these kinds of blog posts myself! I’m 
sorry. The black shirt I am wearing is kind of new and it has really quick become one of my 
favorite shirts it is so comfy and I really like that it is a “half turtleneck”. A detail I enjoy a 

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